The taxi business has been utterly affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. Demand for taxi services almost came to a halt following the lock down as the ‘work from home’ arrangement was regularized by the government. But since things are coming back to normal now, restrictions across the country are being eased. This comes as a breather for the taxi services Melbourne as well. They have already suffered a lot during the lock down period for not being able to serve across the country.

Taxi Services Melbourne

Many taxi companies came to a standstill because of the lack of operations during the lock down. Many drivers lost their jobs and survival became tough. But, with the normalization of the scenario now, it is hoped that the taxi business will catch up with the momentum soon. 

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Travelling across the city and around could be easy now, but travelling inter-state may still need to be reviewed before beginning the journey. There may be some restrictions still imposed by the government which need to be taken care of. There are sets of guidelines issued by the government that need to be followed by the travellers as well as the taxi companies.

This will ensure that the precautions are being taken properly and everyone is doing their bit which is needed during this time of the crisis. 

The guidelines issued by the government notify the taxi companies and the travellers that:

– The travellers need to sit in the back seat while travelling in a taxi or a ride-share service.

– The travellers should wash or sanitize their hands before and after getting into the vehicle.

– The travellers must wear a tight-fitting mask that covers their nose and mouth properly.

– The taxi services will have to display QR codes now. 

– Limit on the number of passengers who may travel in a vehicle was imposed earlier which is now lifted. The taxi service providing companies may now choose to implement their limit on the number of passengers who can travel in the vehicle. So before you go a booking a maxi cab, ensure that you get a fair idea about this. Your cab service provider may have also introduced some additional safety measures and you must keep in mind to know them and acknowledge the same.

– The taxi drivers are asked to maintain proper personal safety while they are on their duty and implement good hygiene practices. This not just ensures their safety but also the safety of their clients. 

– Further, the drivers are also asked to keep the vehicles clean and sanitized. Especially the areas that are most touched by the clients, as the door handles, window buttons, seat belts, etc need to be disinfected and kept sanitized after each ride is completed so that the vehicle is always received in the freshest condition by the travellers. 

– The drivers are also asked to regularly wash their hands properly with soap and water or disinfect with a hand sanitizer. 

– The guidelines also mention that the air conditioners should be set on the external airflow mode instead of re-circulation so that fresh air is circulated. 

– The guidelines also ask the maxi taxi service providers to make hand sanitizers available to their passengers for increased safety. 

Now that you know the norms that are to be kept in mind when travelling by taxi, you may also like to know how travelling in a private cab is better than travelling with any other mode of public transport. 

Maxi Taxi Service Providers

– Public transport is crowded as it carries many people at one time and the crowd could be unfavorable for your safety during these pandemic times. You may be at risk of coming in contact with the contaminated surfaces and picking the deadly virus. Public transport does not provide the best safety precautions, as it is not possible to sanitize the entire surface when each of the travellers leaves. But we at private maxi cab Melbourne sanitize the vehicle after each ride so that our next client gets to ride a vehicle that is well cleaned and sanitized. So you have very little chance of coming in contact with the contaminated surfaces. 

– We keep our fleet of vehicles clean and disinfected, focusing on the surfaces that are highly touched by the clients, as the door handles, seat belts, window buttons etc. 

– We also ensure that our clients who have requested a wheelchair during maxi cab booking can use the well-sanitized wheelchairs. The same goes with the baby seats. We provide well-disinfected baby seats so that your baby rides in a complete safe cab.

– Furthermore, all of our drivers are vaccinated and are also regularly tested for covid-19. This makes them safe during every ride and also become safer for the clients to approach them during travelling. 

– Besides this, our drivers also keep their face masks and gloves worn during the ride so that our clients are completely safe while travelling. We also request our clients to wear a tight-fitting mask and sanitize hands before and after boarding the cab, no matter how well sanitized it already is.

– They also strive to achieve each of the safety norms set by the government or their company. So this makes a collective effort of the drivers and the clients that are seen to be more fruitful.

While the government has given relaxation to the many restrictions laid down during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown period, now taxi businesses in Melbourne seem to be back on the track and are regaining their lost clientele. And since taxi booking Melbourne is now more convenient and safe as compared to the public transports like trains, trams, buses, etc, we suggest you book your ride with us without bothering about the safety of your family and yourself. We guarantee that your safety is well taken care of and you can ride without any hassles. 

Besides this, you can also expect our impeccable customer service and so much more. 

As we work 24/7, you can easily resort to maxi cab booking Melbourne at any time of the day, even at odd hours. We will be there at the mentioned location 10 mins ahead of the requested pick-up time so that boarding the cab is convenient for you and you reach your destination on time.

When you are travelling in a group, always resort to maxi cab Melbourne and rest assured of availing the most exquisite services. You can hire a maxi taxi that is well maintained and completely disinfected along with an expert driver who is very well acquainted with the entire city routes and the surrounding areas. This can save you from unnecessary botheration regarding the movement around the city, especially if you are a new traveller.


Riding with Quick Maxi Cab Melbourne is very convenient and booking a cab at any time is even easier. All you have to do is to go to our website and fill out the booking form available there. The other way is to give a call at maxi taxi Melbourne Airport and get a cab hired. The best part about our services is that you can book your cab ahead of time and we will be right there at the requested time, at the mentioned spot.

It is that simple!

So be ready for a delightful experience with us!

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