Travelling in a group has its charm and delightfulness. You may be a group of families planning for a vacation or you may be a team of colleagues travelling for business purposes, travelling in a group is always fun. No matter if you are travelling for a couple of days or an entire vacation, travelling has always demanded proper planning so that the fun is not interrupted. Planning begins right from the time you reach your destination city and expands further for movement in and around the city.

Here comes the need for a reliable travelling partner who could make your move convenient and enjoyable as well.

Maxi Cab/Taxi

Nothing can beat the convenience that maxi cab provides when travelling in a group. You may be accompanied by children, which means you have to plan every aspect of your tour all the more. Right from the time you land at the airport and till you reach your hotel, everything needs to be just perfect! 

Melbourne Airport maxi cab takes care of all your needs from the moment you land at the airport. All you have to do is to book a maxi cab ahead of time. You can visit the website and book your maxi cab by filling the form available there or still easy, you can call up at the provided numbers and book your preferred cab. 

Now, here is how Quick Maxi Cab Service can be a blessing when you are travelling to Melbourne city in a group:

You can book a maxi cab 24/7: Maxi taxi Melbourne is available 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week. Now, that means we are at your service at any time of the day, even during the odd hours when reaching out for a suitable conveyance is not possible or very tough. If you have booked your taxi ahead of time, you can board the cab as soon as you land at the airport.

You don’t need to wait in a queue for booking your cab at the airport anymore. We will be there waiting for your arrival 10 minutes before your landing so that you can comfortably board the cab on reaching, without wasting your time.

Economical and comfortable: When travelling in a group, you will need to accommodate all the passengers and booking many cabs can be a little expensive. Hiring a single vehicle then is more economical. Additionally, there is more space to accommodate the luggage as compared to the taxicab and that makes for a comfortable ride as well.

The seating arrangement in the maxi cabs is more spacious and that adds to comfort yet again. In a nutshell, Quick maxi cab Melbourne is always a more economical and comfortable option for travelling in a group!

Flexible: You may just have to change your sight-seeing plans abruptly sometime. But with the maxi taxi service, you don’t have to bother, because we are completely flexible with the last minute changed plans as well. You just have to inform us about the changed timing and we will be happy to reschedule the pick or drop. We will pick you up from your doorstep as usual or drop you at your doorstep at the rescheduled time.

This will completely keep you away from the unnecessary hassles of searching for new conveyance because we will be there, no matter what the time. 

Sight-seeing: Sight-seeing is always more enjoyable when you are in a group. Moving in and around the city for sightseeing with your family or group will be easy and completely fun with Melbourne maxi taxi as we provide you with the most outstanding services that you could ever want.

You will be accompanied by the drivers who are very well conversant with the routes and the locations that are well noted for sightseeing and move you around without any hassles. You can comfortably travel in the maxi cab with its cushioned seats providing you and your family with utmost comfort even in the longest of drives that take a few hours. This ensures that your tour is completely comfortable and enjoyable.

A well-kept fleet of cabs and taxis: Melbourne Maxi Cabs is known for its impeccable services that include its well-maintained cabs as well. This means, you as our valuable client, will never have to face any problem related to the sudden breakdown of the cab. Since our cabs are always in the best form, you will always ride the cab in its newest condition.

Provision of baby seat: Travelling in a group may also mean that you are accompanied by babies in your or other families. In that scenario, you can always request a baby seat and we at maxi cabs Melbourne will be more than happy to provide you with comfortable seating for our little guest. All you have to do is to request a baby seat during the time of booking your maxi taxi and we will note down the requested service. 

Airport transfers: You may be reaching Melbourne via Avalon Airport, Melbourne airport, Essendon Airport or Moorabbin Airport. We cover the entire region and provide our services at all the airports. You just have to mention your arrival airport and we will be there to pick you up. For example, if you are reaching Avalon airport you can book your maxi taxi Avalon Airport and relax as we will be there at the scheduled time waiting for you at the airport. Now, this happens for all other airports as well.

Well-sanitized maxi taxi cabs: Quick maxi cab services also provide you with well-sanitized cabs so that you and your family can ride in a completely safe cab especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. You will always get spec cleaned and sanitized vehicles for your tours in and around the city that ensures yours and your loved ones safety.


Travelling in a group needs to be a pre-planned venture and neglecting any part of the planning for commuting around the destination may completely ruin the tour. So, before you plan other aspects of the tour, confirm Quick maxi cab services as your travelling partner and experience how it can really be a blessing for your next group tour to the beautiful city of Melbourne.

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