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Travel Safely with Little Ones – Our Maxi Cabs Come with Baby Seats!

Speciality of Baby Seat Taxi and Wheelchair Maxi Cab

Being in the leading position in maxi cab services in Melbourne, We at Quick Maxi Cab Melbourne consider it is our responsibility to let customers know that not all maxi taxis follow the standard rules to provide seats for babies that are specifically designed for them. So, if you travel with kids you should be caring about the issue.

Before you ride, ask the driver, can the child seat protect your child from any injury in the event of an accident? Possibly the driver will fumble or feel awkward saying ‘yes’. They feel embarrassed because what they are trained to say is not true. In fact, these seats are just like average seats of smaller size.

When you ride Quick Maxi Cab, you will find the difference? Yes, we do care especially for children and disabled persons. Our baby seat taxi comes with special booster seats which are engineered diligently in a way, that if any accident occurs, it will prevent your loving child from being thrown away from the seat since its structure has a high potential to take the maximum strain on whereas seat belts often fail. So, even if it has seat belt provision, the baby seat should have that special framework.

Our drivers are well trained to fix the baby seat in an appropriate way. All our maxi cabs are equipped with support anchorage mechanisms which are essential to buckle up so as to a kid can be driven safely, no matter when the maxi cab runs at a good speed to take your child to the school.

Another major area where we have earned greater confidence of people living in Melbourne and beyond it is our wheelchair maxi cab services. These maxi cabs are specially designed to carry disabled persons or those who get discharged from the hospital and return to their homes. If you need a maxi cab with a wheelchair facility, make sure to inform that while booking your taxi without fail.

The specialty of our wheelchair maxi cab is different from other general maxi cars. These cars can accommodate nearly 6 – 7 passengers, while the remaining space is used to provide the needed room for the person seating in the wheelchair. The wheelchair can be easily mounded on the vehicle with the help of needed mechanisms.

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