Nothing could be better than human life living in a healthy environment and nothing could be worse than living in a crisis just like the global Pandemic that outburst a couple of years back. It is no secret how human life had been affected and how it is struggling to come out of it. Although we have moved past the worst, the fear remains.

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If we analyse the good that it taught us, then as a result, we are now more aware of the hygiene practices that are imperative to follow. It’s not just at our homes, but everywhere else too that we have been practising to keep up with the safety measures. Amidst all the unimaginative events that Covid- 19 brought, we learnt many things. Like, social distancing, keeping hygiene and maintaining the protocol which governments have set for us.

Public transport during the pandemic was a worse hit. Buses, trains, trams and other modes of public transport were not allowed to move. But as the situation has now restored to normal, public transport has also begun to retrieve. No doubt the buses, trams, trains and other modes of transport are following norms set by the government, but the safety of travelling in a private maxi cab remains unarguable. It has its own set of advantages.

If you don’t like to travel in a crowded place like the bus, tram or train, you can instead travel alone or with your family in a private cab, safely away from the crowd. We ensure that we abide by all safety instructions and also maintain good hygiene practices at all times. Our cabs go through proper cleaning and get sanitized after each ride, so they are in their freshest condition always.

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Our drivers adhere to the safety norms and keep their face masks on while you are riding with the maxi cab Melbourne. We also direct our drivers to keep their gloves on during rides and sanitize or wash their hands with soap whenever possible. We also request our clients to keep the tight face masks on so that a joint safety precaution can be adhered to and together we can contribute to breaking the transmission chain.

It is not possible to keep up with this level of safety precautions in any other public transports like trains, buses or trams. So there is more chance of coming in contact with the contaminated surfaces. Hence there is more chance to get infected with the virus.

We also make sure that after each ride, our drivers sanitize the high touch-points in the cab, such as the door handles, window buttons, seat belts, etc. So you get a thoroughly sanitized vehicle that you had hired. This means that there is little to no chance for you to come in contact with any Covid-19 virus on the maxi taxi Melbourne cabs. So if you are determined about travelling in a cab that abides by all safety precautions in pandemic times like now, you can rest assured of our safety provisions. We make sure our clients are safe and do not face any hassles.

We also make sure that our clients using wheelchairs also get the most hygienic environment in the maxi taxi. The wheelchairs are also disinfected to their best level and the belts used for attaching the wheelchair to the taxi are also regularly sanitized to provide utmost safety against contamination. We also disinfect the baby seats to provide our little guests with the safest seats they deserve to ride on.  

Maxi taxi Melbourne airport also ensures that our drivers are regularly tested for the Covid-19. This is to make certain that our clients as well as our support team of drivers are always safe from contracting the virus. Further, our drivers are vaccinated and this ensures safety to our clients as well.

So, now you know how travelling in a maxi cab Melbourne is safer than travelling in other public transports like trains, buses, trams, etc. Besides these benefits, here are a few more advantages of travelling by private transport like Melbourne taxi.

  • There may be a situation where you may need to travel during the busiest hours and travelling happens to be inevitable. Such a situation could be like travelling to an Airport. Now, travelling by a private maxi taxi is the best option as it provides a safe ride devoid of any crowd. Travelling with your luggage could again be a hassle if you travel by any public transport, therefore a maxi taxi that can accommodate a large amount of luggage is the only best option. 
  • Additionally, Maxi taxi Melbourne Airport provides you with around-the-clock services. This means you can book a ride with us at any hour of the day and of course at odd hours too. You can book your preferred maxi taxi and enjoy the benefits that our impeccable services provide. We advise you to book a maxi taxi in advance so that you don’t have to wait in a queue for booking a cab at the airport. You can provide us with the flight number and we will be there at the airport 10 minutes ahead and wait for your arrival. You can then board a fully sanitized cab and head towards your hotel/ house. 
  • You can also use maxi cab booking Melbourne to book a maxi cab for a group excursion or a corporate group. Private transport is quicker, easily available and more economical when travelling with a group. Additionally, it is safer as the maxi taxis that you hire have undergone proper cleaning and sanitizing so that you do not come in contact with any contaminated surfaces. Public transport on the other hand does not ensure being the safest option as it is not possible to clean up or sanitize all surfaces after each traveller leaves the transport. But with a maxi cab, it is possible to clean and sanitize soon after our previous riders leave so that the next rider gets a completely clean and well-sanitized vehicle to board.
  • Maxi cab Melbourne is also the best option when you need a maxi cab for a school day tour. We understand how vulnerable little children could be to the virus as they do not have a strong immune system. Maxi taxi Melbourne makes sure that our little guests get the cleanest and well-sanitized cabs when they are going for a school day tour. 
  • You may also want to book a taxi for a wedding or any event, and for that, we are always prepared with our best vehicles in the fleet. You can book any premium or luxury car of your choice and we will be more than delighted to provide you with a well cleaned and sanitized cab. You can enjoy the events as well as the many benefits that booking with maxi cab booking Melbourne provides you. 


Travelling during Covid-19 times could be a hassle for some, but for those who take precautions and stay safe, moving around for work and events can never be a problem. We, at Quick maxi cabs, are committed to providing our clients with the best riding experience they could ever get. With the thoroughly cleaned vehicles that are well-sanitized, what more can one ask? So go ahead and get your safe booking done online or at the numbers provided below.

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