Travelling is something that brings enjoyment as well as satiates our stressed-out souls. It provides the opportunity to explore the unexplored that brings bliss and contentment to our weary hearts. If you are planning a visit to a beautiful country like Australia, then Melbourne must be on your travel list for sure. So before you land at the Melbourne Airport, make sure you go through this article that lists one of the best places to visit in Melbourne, which must not be skipped in any way. If you are travelling alone or with your family or friends, commuting in and around the city needs to be planned well in advance so that your entire trip runs smoothly. Anyhow, you do not need to bother because Quick maxi cab Melbourne is there to sort each of your travelling needs. As of now, all you need to check out for is:

Best places to visit in Melbourne

  1. Queen Victoria Market:

This is open retail and wholesale market in Melbourne that came up about 160 yrs ago. The market adorns aesthetically pleasing architecture with some of the 19th-century streets and buildings still standing and enduring the test of time. The famous market spreads across 2 blocks that are bound by two streets, namely, Victoria Street and Queen Street. This Victorian-era market is famous for portraying the diversity in the lifestyle, food and culture of the city. One can witness the specialty goods, handicrafts items, jewellery, souvenirs, gourmet food, clothing etc at this eminent market place which entices every visitor. You can plan a visit to this market with maxi cab booking and explore the beautiful things that it has to offer.

  1. Yarra Valley:

If you love to witness the vivid views of the mountain ranges and rejoice at the wonders of nature, then Yarra Valley is the place to be. It covers the upper regions near the Yarra River in Victoria and happens to be a world-renowned tourist destination. Yarra Valley is known for its more than 50 wineries and microbreweries. The valley is an hour drive from Melbourne and you can reach it comfortably by maxi cab booking services entirely taking care of your tour. You can delve into the amazing food and wine at the valley besides enjoying the colorful gardens, serene waterfalls and dense forests that let you make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  1. Melbourne City Centre:

You can not consider your trip to Melbourne complete if you do not visit one of the major attractions of the city- the Melbourne City Centre. The city sprung up from here when its foundation was laid here in 1835. Today it boasts of being one of the busiest areas of the entire city hosting malls, shops, restaurants, theatres, boutiques and even sports stadiums. Melbourne taxi services can move you around the astonishing Melbourne City Centre so you can witness a unique blend of the old and the new architecture of the buildings and structures here. 

  1. The Royal Botanical Gardens:

The Botanical Gardens of Melbourne are yet another world-renowned tourist attraction of this beautiful city. It is a host to spectacular fauna that comprises more than 10000 species of native and non-native plants and vegetation. The serene and picturesque environs of The Botanical Gardens attract thousands of visitors every year. Apart from being a popular picnic spot, this one of its kind of garden also hosts Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden, which is a favorite spot among kids. Reaching the Botanical Gardens can be an easy commute with maxi taxi Melbourne taking care of you and your family’s travelling.

  1. National Gallery Of Victoria:

The amazing city of Melbourne has something for each of its visitor. If you are an art lover, then the National Gallery of Victoria (also called NGV) entices you completely with its over 70,000 incredible art pieces that are collected from the most skilled artists from around the world. The stunning artworks that adorn the National Gallery of Victoria let you witness various styles, ideas and disciples across cultures and different eras. Home to one of the finest collection of artworks from around the globe, NGV also hosts exhibitions and events from time to time. Maxi cab service is available for online and phone booking if you plan a trip here to satiate the art lover in you.

  1. Healesville Sanctuary:

Melbourne has surprises for the visitors who love to delve into wildlife adventures too. The Healesville Sanctuary, nestled in the Yarra Valley is home to different species of Australian birds and animals. Stretching over an area of 30 hectares, this Sanctuary offers you a plethora of interactive experiences. Get a chance to click a picture with the native Kangaroos or play with platypus and you will realise the enriching experience that’s one of its kind. A trip to Healesville Sanctuary along with your family could be an unforgettable experience, so you should surely consider hiring a maxi taxi and reach this destination that awaits you with endless surprises.

  1. Sea Life Aquarium:

If you are visiting Melbourne on a holiday with your family or friends, then Sea Life Aquarium should be on your bucket list. A popular tourist destination, the Sea Life Aquarium displays thousands of marine animals offering you to have a close look at them. This award-winning Sea Aquarium lets you enjoy the beauty of the aquatic life from very close. So be ready to witness the huge sharks, sawfish, stingrays, seahorses and thousands of other tropical fishes and also one of the happiest penguins here! You can get a maxi taxi booking Melbourne to help you reach this destination and surprise your family with the wonderful underwater world at display.


From the best tourist destinations in Melbourne mentioned here, we hope it is easier for you to understand where to begin your fun trip when you are in this incredible city. Isn’t it? Travelling in and around Melbourne can be fun and sheer enjoyment while you are on a tour here. Remember to catch up with your travelling partner as soon as you reach the city and maxi cab Melbourne Airport will be right there to pick you from the Airport. You may 

book your entire tour with us and we are sure our services will delight you.

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